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I am looking for a team of individuals who take pride in their work, strive for excellence, have passion, and most of all, can laugh and have fun while working on a project. I want people who want to work with me, not for me. We are in this together. I am a very loyal person and a giver. If you add to my success, I will most definitely add to yours. I am looking for people who can talk straight: people who say what they mean and mean what they say. People who will walk the walk. If you are pc, stop right now and don’t even bother applying. Have a good and pure heart. People who support my growth? Well, the sky is really the limit for you. If I have to do your job, you’re not doing your job. Bring your talents and skills to the table. Bring me something I don’t already know. That’s how you gain favor with me. Click here to attach resume. (Efrain, have an icon of an envelope that leads to email.) Good luck. I can’t wait to meet you. DT • I don’t have a bag full of cash. As you can imagine, I have 20 areas that I want to get off the ground at once. In the beginning, if we can structure our employment agreement where it’s based on results, that will be ideal. • I am an extremely hard worker. You don’t interview over 20,000 men in a little over a year without working insane hours. I wake up at 6 am every day of the week to answer emails. I receive more than 300 emails per day. My readers ask relationship questions and everything else in between. I honestly try to answer every single one!!! If you don’t work that hard, but you get results, that’s great, too! • If you can see my vision, I won’t disappoint. The sunshine will come back your way, too. Job Listings

• Photographer. If I ask you to take a picture of a salt shaker. I want the salt shaker. I don’t wanna see “noise” in the background of the picture, like ugly machinery or a passing car, unless it’s part of the artistic expression and adds to the photo. Just because you took a picture of a salt shaker isn’t enough. The content must leap off the page. The user has got to say “Wow, I wanna be in this picture right now!” The picture must elicit an emotion. • Videographer. Same as above. I am looking for someone who can do ‘man on the street’ type of interviews/interactions and/or record my shows. • Marketing and more marketing. Today everything is about marketing that leads to sales. • Advertising generation. Solicit advertisers to post with us. • Audio. I need someone to upload my books/speaking engagements to iTunes. I need someone to convert my book to Books on mp3’s ( • Interns. I love interns. Just send me a note what your skills are and how you think you can help me. • Grow my user base. • Book speaking engagements. • Group book sales. • Look at my main page. Figure something out that you can do to help grow my brand/site.

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