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Dear Friends, You've got to treat yourself to DT Linda Gross's book Mastering Women! This is a great read for men, women, boys and girls! Rarely do you find an author this brutally honest in their writing. This book definitely gets a face forward position in my library! Get this, I purchased this on ebook through on July 7th and I got this signed thank you card from her in the mail a couple of weeks later here in Bermuda! When have you ever experienced this kind of gratitude in this day and age from the purchase of a book? I'm ordering a hardcopy for the coffee table! It will make a great conversation piece! Thank you, Linda. Shlomo Shlomo review of MW.  note card.  8-14 x --- DT: Get your signed book cover by leaving an Amazon review for any of Linda's books or ebooks. (Then, send me an email so I can contact you.) Mastering Women HITCHEd The C Factor How to get an autographed paperback book. 1. Go to Amazon, order the book, and ship it to me: DT4M/Linda Gross 263 West Olive Avenue, #263 Burbank, CA 91502 2. Send me proof of purchase or snap a picture of your receipt. 3. Email me your address and any special inscription instructions. 4. Click on this yellow Paypal button and add $7 for me to ship your book to you within Continental US. 5. Click on pull-down below for shipping outside of USA. (If you would like a signed cover, not the book itself, there is no shipping charge.)
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