How you can support Men's and Family Rights. Listen Live, Every Wednesday at 3pm, PST/6pm, EST LIVE: KMET Radio, then hit ‘Launch Full Player’ OR download the mobile apps. Listen On-Demand: Listen to previous shows. KMET Radio 1490 AM, Serving the Inland Empire and Palm Springs From my show on 6/10/15. 1. Guest, Steve Clark, with talks about Alimony Reform. He needs to collect 400,000 signatures for the upcoming ballot. Signatures must be collected by November 1st of that calendar year to be eligible for the ballot. Is it fair to pay lifetime alimony when the ex-wife is well-employed and the kids are of age and out of the house? a. Volunteer to collect signatures. Ask Steve (or me) for a volunteer package. b. Share and re-post messages from Social Media. @CalAlimony c. Share this link with others. d. Register to vote online: (or check your listing on your state's site) e. Find a Permanent Host Location. Find a small business that will have a clipboard at register to collect signatures. f. If you are not registered in California, find a representative in your state or start your own campaign. Ask Steve for further information. Stop Corrupt Family Courts. 6-15 2. Edwin Ugas for Father's Rights.  What happens when you are wrongly accused of abuse from your partner/ex-wife, and as a result, the judge signs the order to deny custody of your child? Please join us bring exposure to how dads are treated unfairly. For info: American Fathers Liberation Army (AFLA)

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