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Listen on Tune-In: RADIO/TV 8/25/15. Watch me on the Take My Advice, I'm not using it, with host, Marissa Pei. ubn_radio_logo_small.  11-15      

4/18 and 4/19 2015 EVENT:  Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, at the USC Campus. WATCH VIDEO: LA Times Book Fair Promo, with Linda Gross.   2015_FOB_LOGO    

2/25/15. Watch me on the The Love Channel Show with host, Pamela Cummings on Book: HITCHED. 2/20/15. Watch me on the Luvcoach Show with host, Bruce Starr on Book: HITCHED. 1/23/15. Watch me with host Ashley Williams What's most surprising about what you learned in researching your book, HITCHED? 1/20/15. Watch me with hosts Tony Montana and Roger Rojas on The Indie 100 Show. (Sorry, the links have expired and are no longer available.) >>Part I. 8:41 mins. >>Part II. 12:05 mins. >>Part III. 25:23 mins. >>Part IV. 7:29 mins. >>Part V. 20:56 mins. 12/21/14 The Single Life with host Sam Phillips. Show topic: Sex Trends View (free 30-day membership): Sex Trends 6/7/14 Dusty and Heidi Have Issues Show. (scroll down to 6/7/14) Show topic: To Marry...or not? What are girls doing wrong? We are talking about my new book, HITCHEd. tradiov.  6-14   6/5/14 The Corey Jenkins Show.  (My favorite show!) Why you shouldn't be equal to women.  How to stand your ground with women (without seeming uncaring). 5-13-14 Zo Williams Voice of Reason Show. Donald Sterling Ban, Part II. Linda says why starting a Black Basketball League isn't going to work. 5-6-14 Zo Williams Voice of Reason Show. Donald Sterling Ban, Part I. Athletes should unite and stage a 'Bench Day'. RADIO 9/29/15. Listen to me on: The Healthy Life Radio Show, with host Dr. Jane Greer.
Click on 9/29/15 to hear the show. 9/10/15. Listen to me on: Phil Hulett and Friends, with host Phil Hulett.
Fast forward to 53:00 mins. 5/28/15.  Radio Interview on Ask Women Podcast with host, Marni Kinrys. Topic: Misconceptions Women Have About Men That Are Ruining Your Dating Life. 5/14/15. Listen to me on: The Poorman's Radio Invasion, with host Jim Trenton. fast forward 33 minutes. Show topic: Book: Mastering Women, the 4C's. How do you get Confidence? kcaa 1050am.  3-14   2/14/15. Blogtalk Successipes Radio Show with host, Lori Wilk, talking about book, HITCHED. 5/4/15. Radio Interview on The 10 Minute Relationship Talk Show with host, Alasha Bennett. 2/11/15. Blogtalk Successipes Radio Show with host, Lori Wilk and Bruce Starr, talking about book, HITCHED. 1/25/15. Listen to me with host Lamont Patterson on the 'Can A Playa Play' Show. Talking about the book HITCHED. What does the woman bring to the table? How do men KNOW she loves him? 10/21/14 Phil Hulett and Friends (fast forward 30 minutes.) 8/26/14 The Randy Curtis Show with host Randy Curtis. Show Topic: Defining what sexy is and how we got it wrong. 7/17/14 The Michael Dresser Show. (fast forward 37 minutes) Show topic: What is Quiet Confidence? Why do women today fight a man's natural urge to be confident and a leader? 6/11/14 The Good Guys Show with host Randy Curtis. How to Deal with Today's Woman. 5-8-14 5 min away podcast with host, Mr. Black. 6-1-14 Listen to an audio review of my business book: The C Factor by podcast host, Mr. Black. 4-30-14 3 Guys Rant. (Fast forward to 8 minutes.) Linda's thoughts on the Donald Sterling decision. kcaa 1050am.  3-14NBC News Radio.  3-143 Guys rant.  3-14   3-15-14 The Shiznit Show Shitnit cover.  4-14   3-5-14  The 3 Guys Rant Show.     fast forward to 50 minutes.   1.  10-22-12 Radio Interview on Reality Radio, West Palm Beach, FL  photo WBZTlogoFL45.png Hosts:  Dr. Mike Blum and Dr. Marcy Weiss Guests: DT Linda Gross and Mr. Locario. Show topic: Sex and Dating. Testimonials: From Dr. Mike: “Linda was a guest on our radio show. She was well prepared, and created an exciting exchange of ideas. Would have back on air with us in the future.” From Dr. Marcy, she gives a LinkedIn thumbs up in the following categories: radio, public speaking, social media, broadast, production, author, and entertainment. Listen (click link): Reality Radio with DT Linda Gross. 2.  Listen to Mr. Locario, host on blogtalkradio, Men's Dating Coach interviewing me on 12/26/12: LINDA GROSS on the Sexy Party Show. Show topic: The Truth about Relationships. Testimonial: From Mr. Locario: "Linda Gross is an excellent speaker and an expert in her field. She speaks the truth when it comes to helping men in their dating lives." 3. Listen to Steve Williams, host on blogtalkradio, Men's Dating Coach interviewing me on 12/27/12: LINDA GROSS on the School of Dating Show. Testimonial: Host, Steve William's audio testimonial. 4. Listen to Lucia Demasi, The Cougar Expert and host of interviewing me on 1/13/13 LINDA GROSS on the Art of Love Show. Show topic: Why doesn't Nice Guy work? What's the number 1 quality that Women Must have...and more. Testimonial: "I can absolutely say that this is one of the best dating/relationship books for men I have ever read. I liked it so much, I had Linda on my radio show, and she was a great guest. I recommend this book for all single men!" "Linda was an excellent guest on my radio show. She's the go-to person when it comes to helping men in the world of dating and relationships." 5. Listen to the Oddcasters, on interviewing me on 1/13/13 (feed coming soon.) Hosts:  Dusty Angel, Rob Oddcast, and Destiny Herrera. Rob Oddcast: "Thank you Linda! I'm sure our male listeners will love you for this!" Dusty Angel: "Linda, it was a PLEASURE having you. You were an awesome guest!" 6. Playboy Radio, Sirius 103, with Host Destiny Herrera. Friday, Jan 18th, at 7pm, PST (10pm, EST). Playboy Radio. Sirius 103. photo PlayboyRadio1031-13_zpsc00247d3.png 7. The Michele Jennae Show. Monday, Jan 28th, at 9am, PST. LINDA GROSS on the The Michele Jennae Show. Show topic: Is this book only for men? Testimonial: "Linda is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject matter. She is a professional and speaks well to her audience. It was indeed a pleasure to have her on my radio show, speaking on the topic of dating tips for men. Her stance on men being enabled to be true men is incredibly encouraging, not only for the men, but for the women who are lucky enough to be with one of these true men. Chivalry is not dead. Thanks, Linda." 8. Listen in with radio host, John Tomkinson, at Thursday, February 7th, at 10pm, PST. 9. Langdon Nation Show with host, Langdon Bosarge. Sunday, February 10th, at 3:30pm, PST. My interview starts 25 minutes in.  LINDA GROSS on the the Langdon Nation Show. Show #278. Testimonial: In reply to my thanking him for being on the show..."You are so welcome!  You were great on Langdon Nation.  xo." 10. Listen in with host, Crysta Garner. Monday, February 19th, at 9:30am, PST. The Crysta Show. LINDA GROSS on The Crysta Show. Show #92. (subscribe to podcast, go to 3/11/13 post-date, hit arrow to the extreme left of that line to listen.) Also, you can link from her website: Testimonial: "I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda for my podcast and she is not only an expert in the field of dating and helping men overcome various obstacles but she is funny, witty, and full of character. I can't wait to have her back on my podcast. Her Top Qualities are Great Results, Personable, and Expert." Host, Crysta Garner. "Linda, you were great today on The Crysta Show!" co-host, Langdon Bosarge. "Life Coaching? 4 sessions or less? Linda, you are the P90x of therapy!" 11. Listen in with host, Robert Rees. Thursday, February 28th, at 7am, CST, Chicago.  photo CitiesTalk929-1.png Testimonial from Matt Marvan, Producer: "DT (Linda) had a lot of very helpful (and reassuring) advice about interacting with women. She clearly knows hers stuff, sounded great on the air and her book is so easy to read that even early morning radio folks can understand it." 12.  Host, Crysta Garner and me on The Crysta Show, along with Langdon Bosarge. Friday, April 26th, at 7pm, PST.   RADIO-TV (with video) 12. Host, Zo Williams. Part I, Tuesday, March 5th, at 11am, PST. Zo Williams Morning Show with with panelist LINDA GROSS along with co-hosts Geoff Brown, Michael Colyer, and Claudia Jordan (from The Apprentice). 13. Host, Zo Williams.   photo ZoMorn-1.jpg Part II, Tuesday, March 12th, at 11am, PST. Zo Williams Morning Show with with panelist LINDA GROSS along with co-hosts Geoff Brown, Michael Colyer, Dr. Mark Goulston, and Claudia Jordan. Testimonial: "You made a good impression on my audience." Zo Williams. 14.  Host, Zo Williams.  Tuesday, April 16th, at 11am, PST. Zo Williams Morning Show with panelist LINDA GROSS, Interracial Dating Show, along with co-hosts Geoff Brown, Dr. Mark Goulston, Danisha Danielle Houston, Kabibi, Margo Hudson, and Jasmin Diaz. 15. Host, Zo Williams. Tuesday, April 23rd, at 11am, PST.   Zo Williams Morning Show with panelist LINDA GROSS, The Loser Magnet Show, in studio with co-hosts Geoff Brown, Dr. Mark Goulston, and CandyBarBrown, with call-in guests Steve Williams and James Hannah. Testimonial:  Linda Gross is always a great guest.  I love when she is on the show.  She be dropping knowledge!  Zo. 16. Host, Crysta Garner and me, video link coming soon.

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