Henson Brewing Co

Welcome to Henson Brewing Company! 9/2015 We will be going on Kickstarter to raise funds to open our tap room. We will be opening in Burbank, CA, Media Capital of the World, to bring you the finest craft beers for your enjoyment. Help us raise money for this fabulous venture. Our seasonal beer on tap now: Mayflower Pumpkin Ale. Come down to drink the beer our ancestors drank to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our most popular beer: Pineapple Wheat, now on tap. -7 Hop IPA, now on tap. Our usual lineup: Vanilla Porter Scottish Ale (my favorite) Berliner Weiss (a nice cool down beer, very light alcohol) DT Twitter: @hensonbrew Fb: Henson Brewing info@hensonbrewing.com If you would like to DONATE to help open our Tap Room sooner: Henson Brewing Company c/o Linda Gross 263 W. Olive Avenue, #274 Burbank, CA 91502 or paypal: info@dt4m.com 20 Facts about working in a brewery
  1. me

    so…how did kickstarter turn out for you? Never heard??…

  2. me2

    Still wondering if you’re in the planning stages for your brewpub? For example, when do you plan to secure enough money to open this imaginary business?

    • admin

      It’s all good, my friend. The wheels are in motion. It takes about 9 months to apply for all the licensing and permitting. We will make updates as information is available. Thank you for your concerned interest with our new addition to Burbank, CA.

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