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Mention the Phil Huett and Friends Show and win my business book for free! The C Factor. How to Get Anything You Want from Anyone. (scroll down mid-page.) Available now on Amazon. “How did you pull that off?" This mini-book gives you the direct answer to that question. Using our core, innate drives gives you the power to get whatever you want. 10/21/14, 1:45pm PST or 4:45pm EST.  Listen on Archive (Fast forward 30 mins.) Send me an email at As seen on the show, check out my book, Mastering Women. Find out why ‘Nice Guy’ doesn’t work, the sexes aren’t the same, what behaviors will put you in the ‘Friend Zone’, why she is compelled to go out with rotten guys, (what do they have that you don’t?), what buying her tampons really means, the chemical reason she assumes you will marry her, why teenage daughters need an active dad in their lives to ever be smart with men, why your stepping up to be the man makes her a better woman, what works for real rather than listening to what she tells you she wants, and much, much more. All the issues that have bothered you for years are here - short, sweet, and to the point. A compelling read. See you then! DT

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