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Welcome to DT Speaks. Why not invite DT to Speak at your next event? She is ready to fire up your business event, school, group, or religious affiliation with her insight, clarity, and brash honesty. Take a detour from the boring, rah-rah, canned speeches that have been done a thousand times. DT talks to you on YOUR terms about issues that YOU care about. What makes DT right for your next speaking engagement? 1. She Informs. First and foremost, DT teaches. She holds a degree in Psychology from UCLA. She has started two businesses. She had her own cable TV show and has made numerous radio appearances. She definitely cares about giving you your next ‘aha’ moment and wants you to learn how to make things easier on yourself. 2. She has Experience. Most likely, DT has walked in your shoes. She’s a risk taker and has been at the eye of the storm hundreds of times. There’s nothing more honest or heartfelt than hearing from the person who teaches the lesson that they themselves had to learn. 3. She Entertains. There’s a reason most people fear public speaking…it’s because the audience is judging the speaker’s every move, every millisecond. DT embraces that challenge. She’s happy when you’re happy…and engaged. She dances that fine line of ‘getting-in-your-face’ to call you to Action. She’s a straight-shooter, using words that are easy to understand and easy to implement. She’s funny, irreverent, and uses her charm to get under your grill. Some may be off-put by her direct approach…but you won’t soon forget her..and you’ll be back for more. 4. She Connects. She knows what YOU want. After interviewing over 20,000 men for her upcoming book, she hears you. She makes the connection between what you may want versus what you need. Let’s talk. It’s easy. From the Contact DT page, select the Request DT for Speaking Engagement option to let her know what’s on your plate. She's ready to help.

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