DT Rewards

Accumulate points towards merchandise or Live call with DT. • Subscribe. 2 pts. • Tell a friend. 2 pts. • Tell DT you’re from MySpace. 2pts. • Buy The Caveman Formula. 3 pts. Buy book • Buy C Factor. 3 pts. Buy book • Buy 10 books, get a book free. (Be my reseller). • Write book review. 5 pts. Review • Send YouTube Video Book Review or testimonial. 25 points. • Write site testimonial for product, service, or experience. 5 pts. • Send YouTube Video Testimonial. 25 points. • Enter 5% club. 25 points. (Go to my More DT to see definition.) • Recommend DT for a speaking engagement, group book sales, publisher/book agent, or something that will dramatically improve her bottom line. 25 points. (Maybe more, depending on what it is.) *********************************************************************************************

How to cash in points? 1. Cash in points immediately for a Live call with DT. 2. Cash in points for DT Merchandise.

a. Accumulate points while I assemble my DT Merchandise store.

b. In the meanwhile, I can customize practically anything with DT4M logo. Just mention what you want and I will do it.

T-shirts, mugs, iPad covers, cell phone covers, paper weight (looks like a rock), just name it. Whatever I can’t personalize with logo, I will personally sign your merchandise at no additional charge. Just pay for additional shipping and handling. Proof of Purchase. Just email, fax, or scan your proof of purchase to accumulate points. 310.735.4417 fax number. Lead contacts? You will accumulate points the minute I speak to your referral for speaking engagement, group sales, or promotional opportunity.

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