I am so excited to share with you the thoughts that are most important to me. As a little girl, I shook my head from the sidelines when the Women’s Lib movement came to town. These women were complaining that men had all the power. But, even at that age, I knew better - much like Jackie Kennedy (read history: The man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris. Women have always had power. Always have, always will. I guess those women from the 70’s just didn’t get that memo. Click here to buy the book: Written by Caroline Kennedy.
Here is the opening line of that famous speech: JFK Video.  Video: Jackie's Impact on the World from that trip. I was not only surprised at these women but the degree that they brainwashed an entire country of women to believe that women don’t have power…that, in and of itself, is a surrender of one’s power, especially so because it’s not true. When these women couldn’t accomplish their mission of “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, they decided to turn on men - violently. Today, it’s not okay to be a man. For the last 30 to 40 years, these women and the women who followed them, thought nothing of emasculating men at every turn. Another mantra they started was that “The Sexes are The Same”. To me, nature isn’t stupid. There are two sexes for a reason. Of course, the sexes aren’t the same!!! At that moment, I set out to collect any and all research to validate how the sexes are different – and why. Through exhaustive study, I have become The Gender Differences Expert. Going all the way back to Caveman days, I am amazed to find how very clear it is that there are substantive differences. The differences aren’t good or bad, they just are. The more we embrace that fact, the calmer and happier we are. Certain things you just cannot fight and this is one of them. In the process of my gender research, I have become a Men’s Advocate. I champion men because I think they have been given a raw deal. It is the subject of my first book, Mastering Women. I know you will enjoy it. If you’re a man, you have often thought about about the topics I write about, and now, you can be at peace that I have given a voice to your angst. You will wonder how you ever lived without this information! I’m not leaving the women out. Hey, Women’s Lib didn’t happen without reason. If these women felt powerless, that was their reality. A couple of books from now, I will write that book, too, so the women can re-capture their power. It is my sincere wish that you read my works and that they will move you. Move you to think. Move you to act. Move you to strive for a better life, for yourself, your family, and your community. All it takes is one thought. If I can get you to get stuck on one sentence…and it forces you to change, then my mission is complete. Please write to me and tell me what you think. All my best, DT Download the FREE Kindle app for your Computer, Phone, or Tablet.     1. Mastering Women. Real Truth About Women That Will Change Your Life Forever. (Available NOW). Find out why ‘Nice Guy’ doesn’t work, the sexes aren’t the same, what behaviors will put you in the ‘Friend Zone’, why she is compelled to go out with rotten guys, (what do they have that you don’t?), what buying her tampons really means, the chemical reason she assumes you will marry her, why teenage daughters need an active dad in their lives to ever be smart with men, why your stepping up to be the man makes her a better woman, what works for real rather than listening to what she tells you she wants, and much, much more. All the issues that have bothered you for years are here - short, sweet, and to the point. A compelling read. 2. 90 Days or Less. Attract and Keep the Man of Your Dreams. Available now on Amazon. a. Have you been single for the last ten years? Have you finally decided that you need help to figure out why you're not hooked up? b. Do you keep saying "It's him. He is commitment-phobic"? c. Are you convinced your daughters will never get married, let alone give you grandkids? This book gives you clear ways to attract a good guy and remove your sabotaging ways that are holding you back from finding a good guy. 10/24/14 What good news! I just spoke to one of my first readers and she got engaged in 8 weeks! Yay! (She was dating her guy for 5 years!) My book works! This could be you! Review, 10/12/14: Hi Linda!! So we have been moving to a new house the last few weeks so it has been pretty hectic, but my sister and I have had a chance to read a few pages, and dear God, woman, YOU ARE A GENIUS!! I swear, all of your tips about being girly and wearing colorful makeup and clothing has made my fiancé drooling over me! I am so eager to read the rest and apply your brilliant insight about men to my own life. So far, it's been working like magic! You are outstanding and I am so grateful to have met you. You have made my relationship stronger and have made my fiancé obsessed with me all over again! Kindest regards, Lillian 3.  The C Factor. How to Get Anything You Want from Anyone. (scroll down mid-page.) Available now on Amazon. “How did you pull that off?" This mini-book gives you the direct answer to that question. Using our core, innate drives gives you the power to get whatever you want. 4. 365 Things I Taught My Teenage Daughter. A Handbook for Life* (coming soon).   When teens set out to face the world, they have a steep learning curve with limited practical experience to help them be effective. Throw in peer pressure, hormones, conforming to social norms and the strain can be enormous. I give teens this practical launching pad, a knowledge base that they may not get from family, friends, school, or religious affiliation. This book fills those gaps. 4. A Handbook for Life. Men’s Edition (coming soon). This is the parallel book to the ‘365 Book’, tailored to men of all ages. *Hey, why isn't there a 'Handbook for Women'? The '365 book for Teens' above can be read by women of any age. Don't worry, ladies. You will be getting your own book regarding Women's Lib. That will be your new bible. Just have patience. There are only so many hours in the day!
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    I just saw your Youtube video-Rally/Sacramento in regards to Father’s Right. I am and have been seeking for help due to my wife’s false allegation/mis-use of TRO to cover up her wrong/disrectful act in our marriage. I am not the most priveleged child growing up, always been taken advantage of. To see myself at the age of 38, kids taken away, divorced given to my face on the first day of hearing for the TRO, lost my job, I cant see my kids because I cannot afford to pay the Facilitator…….All I have are loneliness and despair. I am a bright person and always have been a wisdom preacher due to childhood misfortune…..But this wrong act my wife decided to do, killed my spirit.

    I hope you can read this e-mail. I hope you can recommend me to any good-hearted people who’s mission is to genuinely willing to direct my feet to righteousness.

    God bless….


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      Contact my friend Eric. He successfully won his case.

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