Mastering Women

Mastering Women

The Definitive Guide to Understanding and Being Effective with Women.

Ms. Gross interviewed over 20,000 men to research this book. She is a Men's Advocate who champions men being men. She empowers men to tap into their innate skills to win over women. Due to the fallout from Women's Lib some 40 years ago, we have a social climate that it's somehow no longer okay to be a man. She sets out to right this wrong.

The C Factor

The C Factor

"Wow. How did you pull that off?" This mini-book gives you the direct answer to that question.

Using our core, innate drives gives you the power to get whatever you want.

Tags: Yes, negotiation, confidence, men, women, power, winning.

365 Things I Taught My Teenage Daughter

365 Things I Taught My Teenage Daughter

A Handbook for Life

A must read for:
Teens, Moms, Dads, and Women of all ages.

Tags: Coming of age, Bat mitzvah, Quincenera, Sweet 16, Graduation, Grads, Prom, Cotillion, Summer, June, College 90 Days or Less 90 Days or Less

Every Girl's Ultimate Guide to Dating.
1. Have you been single for the last ten years? Have you finally decided that you need help to figure out why you're not hooked up?
2. Do you keep saying "It's him. He is commitment-phobic"?
3. Are you convinced your daughters will never get married, let alone give you grandkids?

This book gives you clear ways to attract a good guy and remove your sabotaging ways that are holding you back from finding a good guy.

Review of Mastering Women

Review of Mastering Women

Dear Friends,

You’ve got to treat yourself to DT Linda Gross’s book Mastering Women! This is a great read for men, women, boys and girls! Rarely do you find an author this brutally honest in their writing. This book definitely gets a face forward position in my library! Get this, I purchased this on ebook through on July 7th and I got this signed thank you card from her in the mail a couple of weeks later here in Bermuda! When have you ever experienced this kind of gratitude in this day and age from the purchase of a book? I’m ordering a hardcopy for the coffee table! It will make a great conversation piece! Thank you, Linda.

Quick Summary of Linda's books

Quick Summary of Linda's books

Quick Summary of 'Mastering Women' and ' 90 Days', interview with James Lowe.
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"I’d love to see you be interviewed by Oprah someday and brag about how I “discovered” you back in the day on MySpace. I knew it was a goldmine as soon as I got there. I read all of your archives in less than two days.

And it sank right in. I was so ready for the “secrets”, I devoured that knowledge, and now, I own it. I sure hope you have figured out a clever way to bypass the ego of the men who need this the most, because most men are way too fragile to even consider seeking out advice on women. They already have it all figured out. They are doing everything right (in their minds!), so obviously it must be the fault of the women that they have no luck with women.

I’m dead serious, that’s the kind of shit that goes on in these guy’s minds. I see it all the time. Know-it-alls who never win, but think it’s never anything they are doing wrong. (Musician)

– DV

"You are going to publish in 26 languages. No joke. Every guy needs this book. (SEO guru)

– EZ

"I think you know more about men than I do. You really have a gift, and keep up the good work. (Police Officer)

– AD

" I could write a book on how many ways YOU have opened my mind during the last 18 months by reading your blogs. You have helped me to understand the differences between men and women and to be better able to have healthy relationships…romantically and platonically. (Mortgage Broker)

– Mike DT

" I love your writing. It’s not preachy, very practical… and direct… it was spoken just like men need to be spoken to… light on the philosophical, heavy on the practical. (Entertainment executive, CGI graphics)

– TC

"I have been following you on Twitter for the last week or so and your comments have made me stop dead…in…my…tracks. In particular, your advocacy to help empower men to be successful not only in business, but also the emotional/relationship part of their lives. (Social Media Applications Founder)

– SK

"Your advice is extremely helpful. It is nice to have someone around who knows what’s going on. You obviously have seen many things because you have so much experience. Sometimes, I feel like the people who give advice don’t have a clue what they are talking about, yet still, they don’t hesitate to offer up some useless BS! Anyway, I will suggest your book as mandatory reading to as many guys as I can tell. (Auto Repossession)

– RS

"Dude, I’d certainly buy your book. You talk sense. (Blue Collar Worker)

– MS

" DT, you might be the best thing for men since women. (NYPD)

– ZM

"I’m impressed with your succinct, genuine, and experienced approach, none of that convoluted, psychobabble bs that goes around, ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ etc. co-dependency, new-age bunk… (Teacher)

– AT

"Besides being gorgeous, your advice is very enlightening. You make me want to be a better man. (Electrician)

– RB

"Just read your column and I couldn’t sleep because it really had me thinking! Not only that, I laughed my ass off! It was great. I just wanted to say thanks! (Aeronautics)

– CH

"Not only do you provide such great insight into all types of relationships, but more importantly, you offer great tips on how to make the most out of life. We all appreciate what you do, especially me. You are a great and beautiful lady. (Truck Driver)

– WH

"What is so special about you? You make me feel special and wanted. (Pipe Fitter)

– Demo DT

"Yes, I do think you’re good looking, but you give the best damn dating advice I’ve ever seen. (IT dept.)

– MM

"I’ve been putting to practice what I’ve read here and I gotta tell ya…IT WORKS!!! It’s amazing the doors it has opened. My confidence is just soaring!! (Systems Admin.)

– ZQ

"No exaggeration, DT. You have helped ME change my life! (Stunt Car Driver)

– BB

"Just give me your damn Paypal number for me to send you gobs of money. I am forever grateful and in your debt. (Retail Sports)

– MB

"You have given me confidence in myself I didn’t realize I had. I love you so much. I can’t get this damn smile off my face! Thank, thank, thank you Soooooo Much! I tell people to learn from you because you’re the bomb. I am glad I could show you that I’m living proof of your work! (Behavioral Health Care)

– Big Guy DT

"To find out what I want in a relationship, how to use that info, and to actually execute it, is completely priceless. Thank you again! (Public Relations)

– MR

" You really have the pulse of the red-blooded American male…I love that you got quickly into their pants, and subsequently, into their minds…(Television Talent Manager)

– JG

"Since most women either don’t know what they want, don’t tell you what they want, or can’t articulate it, I can’t tell you what good fortune it was to discover you. You’re the magic key that unlocks women. (Photojournalist)

– CD

"I love your toaster analogy: “Are you plugging in the vacuum and expecting the toaster to work?” Priceless. We men are such dummies, sometimes. All I have to say is “Wow” and thanks for the insightful reading. (University Psychology Dept.)

– JM

"To find out what I want in a relationship, how to use that info, and to actually execute it, is completely priceless. Thank you again! (Public Relations)

– MR

"DT, as a woman providing Dating Tips for Men, you have shown men how to really connect with a woman. You have portrayed women’s thoughts in a way men understand them, and in doing so, bridged communication between the sexes.

Even though your focus on this book has been to help men along, your teachings there I have opened my eyes to my behavior and I have grown so much more as a healthy, stable person. With much love and appreciation, KT. (Human Services)

– KT (a woman)

"I know, I know. Your book is for men only, fair enough, but I find through reverse reflection that your tips tell a lot about what makes women tick and how it comes across to men! Kudos. Goodness knows, we don’t even understand what or why we’re doing something half the time. You put it in front of our faces, plain and simple. Thank you for that. (Singer)

– KA (a woman)

"At times, when I feel like I can’t smile anymore, I know what to do. I just think of you. No one else makes me happy the way you do.

Even though I have never met you, there’s a love you give, a smile you show, a twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes, and a void that you complete. Keep up the good work. You are very valuable to me and to all the men who read you. (Construction)

– JC

"I love your blogs. I love the fact that you are brave enough to discuss things that most females not only won’t discuss, but just plain CAN’T explain. (Chemist)

– BB

"Holy shit, DT. I can’t believe how awesome you are at giving advice. I think it’s your purpose in life or something… (Musician)

– DV

"Thank you, DT. My divorce was final ten years ago. You shed a lot of light on issues I was not able to absorb or comprehend until now. Aside from that, thank you for allowing us men to be men. Dear DT, I have to take care of you. You take care of me. Done. (CPA)

– Frank DT

"From this moment on, do you have any idea how much money I have saved by reading your tips?? I could go on a million dates and still not get it as right as you do. (Restaurant Owner)

– EL

"You are upsetting men’s apple carts by forcing them to realize they sometimes act from their animal instincts, which is hard for them to accept. Even though we are animals and are genetically predisposed to behave the way we do, you point out the conflict occurs when our higher level thinking opposes our instincts. When the two opposing forces meet, we become angry and conflicted. You take exceedingly higher level concepts and break it down into terms any cave man can understand, appreciate, and apply. (Paramedic)

– FR

"Even with my large ego and off-the-chart bullshitting ability, I still return to read what you have to say. Would I be able to pick up ladies in bulk without you? Yes. Am I in a better position to form a lasting relationship because I read your blogs? Without any doubt!! That’s why I show up every day to read your column. Keep giving us men a reality check. We need you! (Bartender)

– DS

" You make people think, which doesn’t happen enough in life… Thanks. (Studio Owner)

– NR

"You are straight and to the point with no BS. I see you getting a TV show, too! (photographer)

– LL

"All of your advice is excellent! And, it has been making me wonder, who the hell are you? (And I don’t mean it like ‘who does she think she is…’ lol!) You knock my socks off!! (Classic Car Restorer)

– GO

"You have the truth. You have done more for me than the 4 years of therapy I went through before and after my divorce than sitting down to read 4 days of your blogs. (CPA)

– Frank DT:

"Thanks for putting yourself on the line and trying to bridge the gap between men and women instead of feeding into the schism. Personally speaking, you have caused much thought and evaluation in myself, which in itself speaks volumes. (Stuntman)

– SH

"That “Nice Guy” list is perfect…on what jackasses men can be. I’m going to laminate that list and keep it in my wallet at all times to make sure I don’t do any of those things. Thanks for the list, DT. (Building Supplies)

– SS

"Like a lot of men, I wasn’t interested in your blogs at first. “I don’t need any fucking help!” LMAO, but what the hell? Maybe I could tell her something. Ya know? Besides, she’s so damn beautiful and intelligent. So, I subscribed, at my office, at night with the lights off, then something happened here. Very weird. The first 4 blogs that came up as a ‘Notice’ on my Home page were speaking directly AT ME. I swear you knew I was coming or maybe someone saw me subscribe! Somewhere in my dumb, yet sometimes closed mind, I knew there was a good thing here and now you have me as a customer for keeps. (Musician)

– DV

"DT, I must say, you have a lot of great insight. I truly appreciate all you have done while I was in a bad place in life. Your blogs are amazing and I love to read them. Sometimes, it’s right-on with what I would like to know or just plain self-help of how a man should be… I can’t wait until your book gets published, because I will be one of the first to buy it…(DJ)

– CM

" I think you have an awesome platform. You are a great pioneer of the Information Age. I’ll keep reading. I am honored to do so. (University Research Librarian)

– MI

"Regarding WHY women don’t want “Nice Guys”. THAT WAS SOME DEEP SHIT, BITCH. (Hip Hop Artist)

– PE

"You challenge me and that’s the draw. I’m not used to being challenged, few people try it. (Hotel Management)

– TO

"Where have you been all my decaying life? Thank you for showing me where the REFRESH button is. (Biologist)

– CA

"You’ve got my seal of approval. Nearly everything you say is golden. It is like cliff notes on the opposite sex! (Army)

– NT

"You saved me from wasting more of my life, and helped me to understand things in such a way that I won’t ever make those same mistakes again. (Musician)

– DV

" If you were a book, I would give you a Pulitzer. (Retail Buyer)

– KL

" I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now and I think you have amazing insight into love and relationships. You don’t know it, but about half our album is based on YOUR blogs! My songwriters are recording records right now about my insights from you!! Wow!! (Recording Artist)

– AW

"Some of us are tired of the game. I’ve sat down and I’m ready for class. Tell it to me straight, sistah. I’m ready to learn. (Auto Parts)

– MK

"Do you juice? ‘Cuz you consistently hit it out of the park. (Baseball Player)

– WH

"I just read your ‘Trust Speech’ and I must say that I owe you an apology for ever doubting your expertise. You really have sound advice and I think that I have found a new god. Do you have a church? Where do I send my tithes? I don’t think that I will ever doubt you again and please forgive me. (Factory Worker)

– KV

"Every time I think I know something, I get more and more insight from your blogs and discover how very little I know. Great stuff! Keep it up! (Video Graphics)

– MS

"I just couldn’t get over the hurt of my divorce. For years, friends and family have been telling me what a jerk she was for leaving me. I ate every word of it, because frankly, it felt good…until you came along. You were the only one to tell me to rip the band-aid off, and that it was my fault that she left. You had me zero in on how my piece fit into the equation. Angels came down and music played. My whole heaven and earth was unlocked on that day. I am eternally grateful for your insight and compassion. (Fireman)

– LB

"I am speechless. On the surface, a casual reader might think you’re playful, silly, and tapping into pop culture. They check in for your ‘entertainment’ value as they say in the biz. It’s not until we realize that your words are there to drown out the noise to hear what the piece is really about that we get where you led us. I think your blogs are superbly written with tremendous insight. Your entire writing style is beyond eloquent. (Post-Production)

– CH

"You talk about issues that are so personal and private, that shy of you, I would NEVER discuss with anyone. But you have your ways. You provide insight and understanding, without recrimination. I want to do nothing short of spreading your name around the world. The world needs you. (Stockbroker)

– FK

"You are impossible not to read. I wish you much success. (Writer)

– BR

"Even though I knew better, reading your blogs was that hard cold smack in the back of the head that I needed. (Chief Information Officer)

– CH

"Not even my Mom has mastered me better than you. (Artist)

– Charlie DT

"You have a way of writing that seems like you are speaking directly to your reader. You also have a way of putting your advice exactly in a way that the reader will understand. That’s a rare gift, indeed. (Elementary School Administrator)

– AB

"Let me just get this out, I’m one of these assholes who doesn’t call, doesn’t want a second date, and I, for damn sure, don’t need any dating tips. The first thing I noticed after reading your column was how I don’t know jack. So I guess that means you’ve had an effect on me. You have humbled me beyond what I can put into words. Your new faithful reader, PR. (Pilot)

– PR

"DT, you are hilarious, entertaining, and so stealth. You are completely disarming. You have us bobbling along, not suspecting a damn thing, all the while enjoying the ride, then Bammo!, out of nowhere, you lay the goods on us and close the deal. Thank the heavens that you know how to get through to us men because many of us wouldn’t be reading you otherwise. You are the consummate teacher. (Police Officer)

– BN

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TIME: Weekly, Wednesdays at 3:00pm PST/6:00pm EST
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Linda discusses Men's Issues: dating, relationships, sex, women, marriage, divorce, fitness, health, business, male hobbies, men’s rights, and the like. She will also be talking about excerpts from her men's book, Mastering Women. Real Truth About Women That Will Change Your Life Forever.

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8/25/15. Watch me on the Take My Advice, I'm not using it, with host, Marissa Pei.


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Listen to an audio review of my Mastering Women book by podcast host, Steve Williams.

Listen to an audio review of my business book: The C Factor by podcast host, Mr. Black.

Regarding being a guest on their show...with Alan Roger Currie..."Linda, even though we had some "disagreements" when you were a guest on my show, I will give you this: You are very objective when it comes to evaluating the strengths and flaws of men's behavior and women's behavior alike. And I respect that. I love women who are objective. I can't stand women who always try to paint men as the "bad guy" who causes 95-99% of the problems in romantic and sexual relationships between men and women. You're the real deal."


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